About Joosey Foundation

In April 2017, the founder of The Joosey Foundation, Phil Heaton, completed 50 programmes as a Christian TV presenter on the Ummah Channel a Sky TV station for Muslim broadcasting, which went off air in May 2017 and has now been sold.

The opportunity to speak directly to 146 countries around the world via the Sky platform was well received amongst the largely Muslim audiences with the programme “Bridging The Gap” quickly becoming a popular programme on the channel.

The momentum created by the opportunity to preach the gospel into households where few have heard or are ever likely to hear the true gospel has been lost but the wider opportunity to build on this early achievement remains.

With the support of a few like-minded friends the concept of having our own channel of communication to preach the gospel to the world has now developed into the present form and in faith, we have taken a step in this direction.